Ernesto Pellanda

⋆1896 †1956


Read the biography of Ernesto Pellanda told by his son Luiz Ernesto to his granddaughter Marina.

His work

During many years Ernesto Pellanda was a chronicler and critic of arts at “Diário de Noticias”, the most important daily newspaper of the State in the 30s.

As an Economist and History expert, Professor of Statistics at the State University, has written about Germanic and Italic immigration in south Brazil. The numbers he had published where appreciated by the amount of research and critic evaluation he used, being considered figures to be trusted in, even in present days.

It is our intention to reedit his works in the Net, with access by this home page, in near future.

If you want some of these titles, please, let us know. Sorry, they are only available in Portuguese, by now. We will be glad to help you.


  • A Colonização Germânica no Rio Grande do Sul. 1824-1925. Ed. da Repartição de Estatística, 1925.
  • Aspectos gerais da colonização italiana no Rio Grande do Sul. In: Álbum comemorativo do 75° aniversário da colonização italiana no Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre: Globo.
  • A Colonização Italiana. In: Enciclopédia Rio Grandense, Vol. I

About Ernesto Pellanda St., Porto Alegre

In 1959 the Municipality of Porto Alegre has honored Ernesto Pellanda by giving his name to a street that extends from Dom Luiz Guanela St. until Protasio Alves Ave., in the Vila Jardim borough. It is at the corner with this last one that the social and sports resort of Serviço Social do Comércio is situated.