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Here you will find a description of the genealogical tree (the part which is known, of course…) If you have any addition to this page, please use the page “Contact” to upload it to us. Thank you very much.

Andrea Pellanda – maried with Pasqua Bellona. Sons:

Pietro (06/10/1830) maried with Pigozzo Maria

Celeste (12/11/1834) maried with Pigozzo Antonia (siter of Maria)

sons of Celeste/Antonia:

Luigi (24/01/1865) maried with Carlota Boelitz. Sons:

Ernesto (19/05/1896) and Maria Brasil:

Ério (12/11/1924)



Paulo Ernesto

Enio (19/01/1926)

Maria Eunice


Ernesto and Elmira F. Cabral

Luiz Ernesto (28/11/1935) maried with Nize at 11/12/1965

Lucia (30/03/1967) maried with Paulo Marcelo Zimmer

Marina (28/11/1995)

Eduardo (02/01/1972)

Roberto (06/07/1975)



Elizabetta (19/09/1867)

Pasqua (27/07/1869)

Maria (30/03/1871)

Luigia Maria (19/11/1873)

Sisto Paolo (21/10/1877)

sons of Pietro and Maria (married: 25/3/1853):

Tereza (18/05/1859)

Santa (10/11/1860)

Giovanni (15/5/1869)

Andrea (02/06/1873)

Luigi (02/06/1875) married: 24/6/1905 with Spigato Angela

Pietro (04/05/1910)

Francesco (14/04/1913)

Maria (04/02/1915)

Domenica (26/02/1917)

Santa (01/04/1923)

Lucia (28/12/1924)

Elena (26/04/1927)

Andrea (15/03/1929)

Antonio (24/04/1932) –

N.B. He was priest in the Vila Cruzeiro parish, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but we did not meet each other before his return to Italy. From 1990 on we engaged in correspondence via snail-mail. The roster above his from his hand.


Here you will find e-mail of Pellanda people already known. Please, feel free to contribute with new ones.

  • Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil:  
    • Luiz Ernesto Cabral Pellanda
    • Nize Maria Campos Pellanda
    • Lucia Campos Pellanda
    • Eduardo Campos Pellanda
    • Roberto Campos Pellanda
    • Ério Brazil Pellanda
  • Curitiba, PR, Brasil:
    • Orlando José Pellanda Júnior
    • Glaison Aurelio Pellanda

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